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"No thinking, just sleep," I mumbled, falling onto my own bed face-first.

I couldn't believe Brian had split everyone up like this! I guess it had been a test, to see if I would get angry. If I had shown anger, he would have known me and Paul were in fact something more than just friends. So, I had had to go with it, rooming with George instead of Paul. I could foresee much sneaking around back and forth underneath poor Brian's quite large nose. I wasn't going to last this whole tour without Paul at all.

I sighed, remembering that George had asked some playful question or other, but I couldn't remember what they were and hadn't been listening.

"So... why do you think Brian split us up? Me and Paul, I mean... It's obvious that's what he was doing, yeah?"

I sighed. George would come up with some sane, rational reason behind it all, making my fears and anxieties seem futile and ridiculous. He was quite good at that, and frankly I wasn't in the mood. I buried my face back into the bed and groaned, already annoyed at the type of answer I knew he was going to give.