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johnwlennon's Journal

9 October 1940
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I was born in Liverpool. I started playing rock and roll in Liverpool as a Quarry Man, but gave that up when the skiffle went stale. I tried school, school tried me, we both failed each other, and then I met a bloke named Paul McCharmley, who coud actually tune a guitar properly. His friend George Parasol came into the band, with a little Raunchy. From there, we were blown away by one Ringo Bingo Dingo Lingo. And, finally, Eppy was quite a catch, leading us from our dreadful (but better) existance as a prelly-indulgin' crazy rockin' band and dressed us up and showed us off to the world and the rest is his story. Or history. Or both. Or neither. I'm not sure.

Now I'm a dancin' monkey and perform daily, for three shillings an hour. But you knew all that, didn't ya?